English 9 Regents: “The Lady of Shalott”

Like we did with the previous narrative poems, we worked through the Elements of Fiction for Tennyson’s “The Lady of Shalott.”

You can read the text of the poem here:

The Lady of Shalott  by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

 Visible Thinking:

Both of the following paintings are by John W. Waterhouse and were inspired by Tennyson’s poem:


John William Waterhouse

JW Waterhouse

The Following video was published on Nov 12, 2012

In celebration of the 2009 bicentenary of the birth of Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809-1892) WAG Screen made a short, filmed dramatisation of his poem The Lady of Shalott to be shown at The Collection, Lincoln. Inspiration for the visual imagery came from the many Pre-Raphaelite paintings that the poem inspired, but most especially the paintings of the artist John William Waterhouse.

Using the images from the Waterhouse paintings and from the above video, I placed the recreated images next to Waterhouse’s original.  I also added a line of text from the poem that supported the “action” in the pictures:


I am Half Sick of Shadows



Down She Came and Found a Boat___________________________________________________

 From there, students did a Visible Thinking exercise about how 1) both images brought Tennyson’s poem to life, and 2) how the video attempted to recreate Waterhouse’s representations of the poem.

NOTE: As we are doing many Visible Thinking exercises with the poetry unit, we are sharing verbally instead of using PostIt Notes.  I shuffle their class cards and deal them into three piles: See/Think/Wonder.