English 9 Regents: Elements of Fiction in “The Raven”

We read and analyzed “The Raven” using the elements of fiction triangle (review for the exam) as well as examining Poe’s use of specific poetic devices.

Each group (6 groups) selected a card for which part of the story the group would focus on: Exposition (Characterization), Exposition (Setting/Mood), Rising Action (Conflicts), Climax (Turning Point for the Protagonist), Falling Action (Reaction to/Consequence of the Climax), and Denouement (Resolution of Main Conflict).  Each group shared its findings as well as made references to poetic devices that Poe used to get the ideas across.

Visible Thinking:

The following video, “Stephen King vs. Edgar Allan Poe: Epic Rap Battles of History,” was used in a Visible Thinking exercise (students were pre-warned of PG-13 phrases and excused from the room while it played if they thought they might find the two references offensive…they are so brief that they might not even be noticed in the rap, but I put it out there just in case):


NOTE: As we are doing many Visible Thinking exercises with the poetry unit, we are sharing verbally instead of using PostIt Notes.  I shuffle their class cards and deal them into three piles: See/Think/Wonder.